Of course Alexei would be met with resistance and rebelliousness. A smirk attempted to sneak onto his lips, but he managed to hide it. “Never what I meant to imply, Ms. Rayne,” he said oddly calm. “You are simply sick, and we look to help you. Please, if you would sit down…” The guards shifted uncomfortably in place, looking to the doctor in search of a signal.

Kitty still refused to cooperate. She yelled that she did not want to be restrained, ordered them to stop. Had he heard her growled? Well, in his papers, he would report he did. “We could have done this peacefully,” the doctor said with disappointment. He nodded at his guards. Immediately, they grabbed at their prods and beat Kitty into submission with them before strapping her to the chair.

By then, Alexei had walked over an intercom and had turned it on. “Not my sister, you sick bastard,” Kaleb Rayne growled. “Not my sister!”

As the prods made contact with her, Kitty screamed out in pain, tears in her eyes, growling at the guards, which only caused another round of pain, sobbing as she was strapped in, trying to fight the restraints, but to no avail. Hearing a voice suddenly, Kitty realised it was one she remembered. Deeper maybe, due to the effects of puberty, but there was still no mistake as to who it was.

KALEB!She screamed, fighting against the restraints, and wanting desperately to shift, to get away from these people, to reach her brother. “Kaleb I’m here! She fought harder, welts beginning to build on her wrists, and she  turned towards Alexei. “I’m going to kill you, let me get to my brother!


Dr. Benain was surprised to know it had been so long since brother and sister had seen one another. He had asked Kaleb time after time the same question, but the Alpha had refused to answer. “Interesting,” the scientist muttered to himself, jotting in his pad. And yet at the simple idea that his sister had been in danger, the werewolf had offered to willingly take her place as a glorified guinea pig. The doctor could have sworn they had never been apart before by the ferocious way in which Kaleb defended Kitty.

Was that doubt in the she-wolf’s voice as she asked if he had ask of her in certain disbelief. Suddenly, all the she-wolf could think of was seeing her brother. She asked again and again when she could see him, and yet Alexei remained silent until the scientific department entrance. Once inside, he had a quick exchange with the guards and led Kitty to a small room. There was a table in the middle of the room and two chairs on opposite sides. One was a regular wooden chair, the other was a steel chair forged to the ground with leather straps for the wrists and ankles.

"If you would sit down," he asked of Kitty, looking into her eyes. "The restraints are for your own safety."

The truth was painful - that Kitty had spent more time without her brother being in her life than she had with him in it, but still he was the most important thing she had left - the only tie she had to her family, the only thing telling her to keep going. The silence from the doctor was painful, frustrated that he didn’t understand that this was all she wanted - her remaining family back with her. 

Looking at the chair, Kitty felt sick, her eyes narrowing at the man - being chained up like an animal was bad enough, the idea of being restrained like one was even more terrifying. “I don’t need anything to keep me safe, I’m not an animal.” The last sentence spoke through gritted teeth, knowing that was all she’d ever wanted to be. And maybe if she wasn’t so comfortable with Derek, hadn’t made a home for herself, she’d have smelt danger coming, and got out of town, then both she and Kaleb would be safe. “I don’t want to be restrained! Stop it.


"Kaleb Rayne, mighty Alpha," Alexei added, watching the she-wolf. Kitty wanted to see her brother, as it was to be expected. "We are going into the scientific department," the doctor explained, leading the young she-wolf down the hall, guards flanking them. "How long has it been since you saw your brother?" The doctor asked as they walked through Oak Creek.

Wild wolves were harder to find documentation on, harder to keep a track of. Sure, Gerard’s hunters had faced the Rayne pack before, and they had information on them as a pack… yet for the individuals, information was scarce. “Kaleb has mentioned you before,” he commented, remembering the terrified cries of the Alpha when he believed his baby sister in danger. “He has missed you greatly.”

She glanced around, ignoring the guards as best she could, telling herself to only focus on Kaleb. Hearing him called a mighty Alpha made her heart swell with pride, but she still glanced around her nervously, hoping he might be here, too. She looked confused at the question, trying to think back. “…Eleven years now, I think. I… I was seven.” She explained, not wanting to go any further with what exactly happened then, and what she’d been doing for the last eleven years.

"He’s mentioned me?" Kitty looked up again, even more nervous knowing that he’d missed her. Would she have let him down because she didn’t have blue eyes yet? Would he be upset about her being in a pack? She didn’t think he was like their dad, but it still worried her a little. "When will I get to see him?" She asked, stopping at the entrance to a door. "I need to see him."


Alexei felt her fear now, her desperation. She seemed like a lost child almost. Kitty gave him the same speech those wolves of golden eyes were prone to give him. Alexei absolutely understood her argument, but she had to understand as well: those with blue eyes had once had golden eyes as did she. “Ms. Rayne, we are just trying to help. In order for me to order a stop to the pills, I must explain my reasoning behind the order.”

He hoped that was enough, but just in case, he decided to seal the deal. “Your brother is a patient of mine,” he commented casually. “I ordered his pills to stop as well,” the doctor informed Kitty. A soft smile remained on his lips, attempting to be inviting, seem friendly.

Of course, Kitty was coming one way or another, Alexei simply preferred when they cooperated with him. It was a lot calmer, quicker and a lot less messy. “Perhaps I could work to make you roommates,” he suggested lowly, as if thinking out loud to himself. The guards’ hands slowly rose to their prods, ready in case the she-wolf became violent.

"… Kaleb." Kitty fell very quiet all of a sudden, looking down. All she wanted was to see her brother, and this man knew him. She didn’t trust him, not by a long shot, but her brother was the only other Rayne still alive. They didn’t have anyone else, and whether she was in another pack or not, he was still her big brother. One she’d thought she’d lost so long ago, but he was alive. He came back to town for her.

"I… I want to see him." She said quietly, moving over to Alexei, her body language still tense. She knew Derek would be mad at her for going with this man without talking to him first, but he had to understand - wouldn’t he do anything he could to see Cora? "Where are we going?"


The doctor was met by an angry orderly. He explained the girl had been stashing pills and when he went asked her to take them again, she threw them at him. Alexei dismissed him, and asked that her permanent file was sent to the scientific department. “Is the room going to be available too?” The man asked with a low chuckle.

"I’m not sure what you are implying, but I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that," the doctor warned. "She’ll be back after a couple of tests, save her dinner."

He went into the room and was met with anger. “No problem,” Dr. Benain said with a nod. “You won’t have to anymore,” he promised her. “I want you to come with me for some tests. We will be taking care of you now. I am Dr. Benain.” He offered her a polite smile. “If you would please follow me?” He would hate having to force her.

Kitty growled at the man as he approached, not trusting the politeness behind his words. She could’ve sworn she heard a blip in his heartbeat, but she couldn’t be sure - if there was, he was very good at keeping control of himself.

"I’m not a freak to be poked and prodded at." She snapped, backing into her cell, her back hitting the stone wall behind her - there was definite anger, but she was terrified as well. She wanted Derek, she wanted her brother, hell she even wanted her dumb roommate wherever he was.

"I don’t want to do some tests, I don’t want you to take care of me, I want to go home, that’s all. I’ve never hurt any one! My eyes aren’t blue!” She was tearful now, shaking her head. “Please….”

Blood Tests [Kitty|Dr. Benain]


Dr. Alexei Benain was in his office, glasses sliding slowly down his nose as he typed on his laptop. Using his middle finger, he pushed them back up as a soft knock broke the silence within the office. “Come in,” the doctor invited, an eyebrow arched in confusion. Alexei wasn’t waiting for anyone at that moment. A nurse walked in with a folder in hand.

"Kitty Reyne. She’s wild and unruly," the nurse informed him as she settled it on his hand.

Dr. Benain nodded, closing his laptop as he stood. “Call the guards,” he asked of the nurse and watched her hurry off. As Dr. Benain inspected the she-wolf’s file, he was surprise to find that her older brother was a subject of his as well. A smile crawled onto his features and he stood, exiting his office and walking down the halls of Oak Creek.

Joined by his guards, they met Kitty in her cell. Alexei’s steel blue eyes studied the she-wolf, arching his brow. She looked younger than she was, seemingly easy to handle. Then again, so had Liam. His head was bruised, although the drugs he had access to were good enough to numb the pain. “Ms. Reyne?”

"I said get away from me!" Kitty snarled, a growl rumbling in her throat, though she fought the urge to shift, knowing a shock would be on the way if she did, and in frustration, she threw the handful of mountain ash pills at the man, having been caught saving them rather than taking them. The guard backed out of the room, slamming it and bolting it, and Kitty knew it wouldn’t be for long - her roommate would have to come back sometime, after all. 

A few minutes later the door opened again, and it wasn’t the guard or her roommate as she’d expected, and she stood up defensively, looking at the man in the white coat.

"I’m not taking your stupid pills, they’ll make me sick. I’m not an idiot." She glared, folding her arms petulantly across her chest. There was an uncomfortable scent on the man, one she couldn’t describe, but it didn’t smell of anything food - sour and damp, and altogether, unpleasant. Like chemicals or mould. "You can’t make me take them, so there."



—I’m sure that’s not true. You both are his pack, basically his family from what I can remember, I’m sure he cares.


….Oh. I don’t know whether to be relieved that you have family with you or be upset because he’s been captured too. 

He isn’t coming for us… it doesn’t feel like he cares.

… I used to call for him. Signalling my position and let him know that I was okay… What if that brought him here? What if he’s only here because I made him come find me?



I’ve heard. She’s planning to break out Oak Creek. Alistair had something planned but don’t know what happened to that. Understandably. Think that’s one of the only ways we can help from the inside. 


—He is? Oh…have you gotten a chance to talk to him?

… Alistair is only worried about Stiles. Not me and Derek.

… They’re keeping him from me. I haven’t seen him yet.


That’s what I’m thinking.


Allison’s not that bad. I lived with her for a little bit.

I’ll see if there’s anywhere I can do it. I haven’t for a few months now, so… I need to remember how to.

And she didn’t try and kill you?



I don’t know when Derek get’s his free time so I can’t coordinate and talk with him. But something needs to be done nevertheless.


Cora is doing something, I think. I just… don’t know the details. Kind of been more focused on surviving than anything else.

… My brothers in here, so…